Caitlyn Sadler

MA Student

Project Title: An Ethnographic Exploration of Contemporary Conservation in South Africa: Insights from the Khoisan Karoo Conservancy

The following ethnographic study will explore the Khoisan Karoo Conservancy’s role in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in South Africa’s semi-arid Karoo region. The region possesses a rich historical legacy in conservation, tracing back to earlier pastoral economies. At present, it grapples with challenges amid shifting land use patterns and the impacts of climate change. The study will examine the conservancy’s approach to conservation, rural socio-economic development, and market-based conservation methods such as ecotourism. As such, it will contextualise and critically evaluate the ongoing debates and tensions surrounding contemporary approaches to conservation within a localised framework. By doing so, this research aims to offer insights into the implementation of inclusive and sustainable conservation models across South Africa.

Keywords: Conservation, Sustainable Development, Karoo.