The following bursaries are available for 2020:

1 PhD bursary, minimum R100,000 p.a. for 3 years, plus research expenses

2 – 4 MA bursaries, minimum R70,000 p.a. for 2 years, plus research expenses

2 – 4 Honours bursaries, minimum R40,000, plus research expenses




General information

The research programme offers students a lively and supportive postgraduate academic environment, with regular meetings, shared field trips, a top-class seminar programme and opportunities to attend conferences and workshops.


Postgraduate bursaries are offered annually to a limited number of suitably qualified and motivated social science students, to support their individual research projects on topics falling within the parameters of the broad research programme of the Research Chair. These SARChI bursaries are intended primarily for South African citizens or permanent residents, and equity considerations and general departmental admissions criteria apply. The award of a SARChI bursary is also subject to the final approval of the National Research Foundation (NRF). The NRF requires that all bursary nominees (i.e. applicants provisionally offered awards by Prof Walker) must be fully registered for their respective degree programmes before their bursaries can be approved.

Other opportunities

Potential students who do NOT qualify for one of the SARChI bursaries on offer may still be considered for acceptance into the research programme, provided they meet the general University, departmental and research programme admissions criteria; have sufficient funds to cover their academic and living costs, AND there is sufficient supervisory capacity within the research programme to include them. They should also apply for consideration in terms of the general admissions procedures and submit a motivation to Prof Walker, as described below.

Application dates

The closing date for applications is usually in November of the year preceding the proposed year of registration; doctoral pre-proposals may be considered more frequently on an ad hoc basis during the course of the year, in line with departmental procedures. Prospective students should monitor the University, Department and Research Chair websites for further information on annual application deadlines and procedures.

See also the departmental website at http://www0.sun.ac.za/sociology/

General requirements
To be eligible for consideration for a bursary, applicants must first meet the criteria for and be accepted into the relevant postgraduate degree programme in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Stellenbosch University for the proposed year of study, following prescribed University and departmental procedures. Details on how to apply for postgraduate studies at Stellenbosch are available on the University’s postgraduate website: www.sun.ac.za/pgstudies/ . Departmental requirements for postgraduate studies can be found on the Department’s website: www.blogs.sun.ac.za/sociology/ . Applicants can also contact the Department’s Postgraduate Administrator, Ms Genay Dhelminie, for assistance; e-mail: genay@sun.ac.za

Preparation and submission of a motivation for a SARChI bursary
In addition to applying for the relevant degree programme as described above, applicants wishing to be considered for a bursary within Prof Walker’s research programme should prepare an individual motivation in support of their application. Applicants may also be invited to an interview. These motivation should be e-mailed directly to Prof Walker, cc Ms Genay Dhelminie, for consideration while the formal application to the University is being made (i.e at the same time). Prof Walker’s contact details are: cjwalker@sun.ac.za
The motivation should contain the following:

1. A typed letter of motivation (suggested 2 – 3 pages maximum), setting out the applicant’s background, interest in the research programme, what s/he would bring to the programme, a brief outline of one or possibly more potential research topics for development into a full research proposal if accepted (on which see below), and any other information the applicant deems relevant in support of his/her application

2. A completed departmental Postgraduate Information Form (available on the Department’s website or from Ms Dhelminie)

3. An example of the applicant’s academic writing (eg an academic essay or Honours project or chapter from a thesis or academic article)

4. For applicants not currently or previously registered in the Department:

– an academic CV as well as copies of relevant academic transcripts

– the names and contact details of at least two academic referees.

Please note that it is not expected that applicants will have a fully developed research project in mind when applying. What will count more than a detailed proposal as part of their motivation is that they are excited by and committed to the overall scope of the research programme, are interested in developing a research project that will fit within and contribute to the programme’s overall objectives, and demonstrate the potential to succeed academically within the framework of their chosen degree programme, including have the capacity to graduate within the applicable timeframes.

In preparing their motivation applicants should consult the background on Prof Walker’s research programme, available on the departmental website and, once launched, the research programme’s own website at www.cosmpolitankaroo.co.za . They are also welcome to engage with Prof Walker (via e-mail in the first instance).