CURRENT RESEARCH PROJECTS (Completed projects are available on the Research Outputs Page)

Cherryl Walker

Critical cosmopolitanism as a conceptual framework for rethinking relationships to land and identity in the Karoo

Land and agrarian change in the Northern Cape

Karoo futures? Trajectories of change

Global science, astronomy and the Square Kilometre Array (with Davide Chinigò and other research associates)


Davide Chinigò

Frontiers of anticipation: Envisioning the future through large development initiatives in the Karoo

Reflecting on the past, imagining the future: Exploratory research on perceptions of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project among different stakeholder groups  (with Cherryl Walker)

Land and agrarian transformation in Carnarvon, Northern Cape

Global science, astronomy and the Square Kilometre Array (with Cherryl Walker and other research associates)


PhD dissertations

Tumi Malope

Sustainable Economic Development through Wind Energy Farms: The Case of Loeriesfontein, Northern Cape


Charmaine R.S Manyani 

From livestock to game farming: An exploration of farmers’ understandings of land use changes, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation in the Ubuntu Local Municipality, Northern Cape Province (with funding from a SU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Graduate School Scholarship)


Monene Mogashoa 

Understandings of land and its ‘multiple meanings’ in South Africa’s land restitution programme: A case study of the Sydney-on-Vaal land claim in Northern Cape Province (with funding from the Academic Qualification Improvement Programme (AQIP) of UNISA and DHET)


Renelle Terblanche

Ongediertes: A critical qualitative study of the political ecology of black-backed jackal and its management around the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) core site

MA theses

Stephanie Borchardt

What’s Watt in De Aar? An exploration of local energy needs and challenges in a renewable-energy hub in the Karoo region of South Africa.


Suné Butler

Knowledge relativity: Square Kilometre Array (SKA) stakeholders’ and Carnarvon residents’ understandings of the origin of the universe and the significance of the SKA


Caroline Poole

An exploratory study of socio-economic conditions and social resilience in the community of Vanwyksvlei in the Northern Cape, in the light of the town’s proximity to the Square Kilometre Array Project


Niell Schoeman

Water and its networks: Water management and the meanings of water in a semi-arid Karoo town (Prince Albert)


Marike Van Der Merwe

Commercial Karoo farmers and the Square Kiometre Array (SKA) telescope: An exploration of the effect of the SKA telescope on Karoo farmers’ perceptions of identity and land in the Kareeberg Municipality, Northern Cape Province


Zuki Zantsi

Women scientists, gender and astronomy in South Africa, with a focus on the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and South African Large Telescope (SALT)


Honours research projects

Kylie Bolton

Shadows on the walls: representations of heritage during times of burgeoning development in Carnarvon


Shu-aat Davids

Gender Dynamics among Commonage Farmers in Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa


Dayni Sanderson

Exploring perceptions of conservation and nature spaces in a case study of the Camdeboo National Park